HD CCTV IP Systems Bath

Calving, Lambing and Foaling CCTV Cameras for Agriculture

Get A Better Nights Sleep

Put a stop to getting out of bed during the night, in to the cold to check on your animals, only to check on them. You can now check on them from the comfort of your bed on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Share The Work Load

Share The Workload

Other family members, friends or workers can be given mobile access so they ca keep an eye on your animals when you’re not avliabe. An extra pair of eyes is aways helpful when 

Peace Of Mind

Wherever you are, in bed, kitchen, visiting family, or on holiday. You can quickly and easily check on your animals setting your mind at ease. No more getting out of your warm bed at 1am.

Save Money

Save Money

Using your farm CCTV camera system to intervene and keep more animals alive and well will save you money. Also, your system can be used to safeguard your farm equipment.

Our Range Farming CCTV Systems

We deliver high quality agriculture installations taking advantage of the latest equipment by the leading manufacturers in the UK. Our approach is safety and quality without the price tag.

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HD CCTV Systems South West

HD Cameras

High Definition CCTV Cameras enable you to capture the smallest of details like number plates and faces.

Day & Night

Day & Night

It is important for your cameras to operate at all hours of the and night, we also install day & night cameras as standard.


360° PTZ Cameras

Some environemnts require vast monitoring which is where PTZ cameras are ideal, capture fine details at large distances.

Mobile Monitoring CCTV

Remote Monitoring

Worldwide monitoring of your CCTV system is standard setup, you will never miss a second, no matter where you are.