IT Support and Installation services

Help My Systems is able to offer many services to homes and small businesses in the south west of England. We offer services from helping you get your computer to work faster, up to connecting an entire office or home together with a wired or wireless network. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible so please find out below what we can offer you.

How can Help My Systems assist you?



Help My Systems offers support for homes and small businesses which have IT problems that need fixing.



We currently undertake IT installations for routers, firewalls, computers and most other IT systems, find out if we can help you.

Computer Servicing


Your computer is an essential machine and should be maintained all year round, we can do this for you.


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Our Current Services include:

Software Installs & Support; Anti Virus, Firewalls, Operating Systems (OS), Microsoft Office 365, Email (Gmail, Outlook, Apple apps, Android apps), Adobe, Backup programs (Acronis), Google programs(Docs, Gmail, G Suite, WebMaster, Search, Maps, My Business), Password Managers, Computer Cleanups, Virus Checker, Improve Speed.
Hardware Installs & Support; Computers, Computer Components, Screens, Switches, Firewalls, Printers, IP Phones (VOIP), Card Readers, Sound Systems, Servers, Wireless (Routers & Networks), PC Failures (Stuck Loading, Non-Startups).