Excellent, reliable and friendly service. Any IT issues sorted out, having the back up of this reliable support means I can focus on my work.
Terena Sage Testimonial Commercial IT Support Customer
Terena Sage
Services: Two new computers with full software setup and cloud backup solution
Greg was fantastic - helped me to restore all the information off my computer which had crashed. He set up my new computer and ensured I have a back up system running. He is really helpful and nothing is too much trouble - so glad I have found him! Highly recommended...
Ginny Watson
Services: Retrieval of files from dead computer on to new one with backup solution.
Greg has given great advice and guided me through the daunting experience of launching my buisness on a website, Awesome!
Sue Williams Web Design Customer
Sue Williams
Services: Website design & hosting
The man I spoke to was very friendly and was very quick at responding to my issue. He also managed to resolve my issue quickly too and the instructions he advised me on the phone were very clear and easy to follow. Highly recommend!
Beth Dury Testimonial Residential IT Support Customer
Beth Dury
Services: IT support over the phone for suspected laptop damage